Research: Common Knowledge Based Social Media Modeling

Last week my recent research paper on the application of theoretical framework of common knowledge was published. The main idea behind common knowledge is that it is a state when all agents know certain information, know that the others know it, and know that the others know that they know… to the power of infinity. I built a theoretical model to verify the knowledge that agents of the group possess.  Later this model was applied in a practical scenario, where performance of two simultaneous campaigns was evaluated. Despite the fact that traditional ROI approach stated that these two campaigns performed the same, application of common knowledge driven model indicated that these two campaigns had completely different results and theoretically it was possible that a banner campaign was greatly outperformed by social media campaign because it served as a gateway for all agents to know that other agents knew the nformation, which was impossible with traditional broadcasted banners.

common knowledgeIf you are interested in full research paper, you are wellcome to look it up in my Research section or simply download it from the Journal.