What works and what does not work on Facebook

These days everyone tends to be a Facebook expert, giving advices on what to post and how to post on Facebook.

You can find tips for the best time to post content. Some will claim that 9 A.M. is the best, as most users will be up and ready to consume your contets. Others claim that contrary 9 A.M. is the worst timing as it is the peak, when all marketers tend to release their messages, thus you should post in the evening or during off-peak hours.

Other debate goes on the posting frequency – starting from the group claiming that you should engage with your audience as often as possible and ending with they group that claims that in order not to be too intrusive you should post less frequently.

Good news – the dabate is over!

Here is a very short summary of an experiment, made by TheNextWeb, which shows that in fact engaging with your audience at non-peak time makes a lot of sense. In addition to this you should understand that there is no huge impact on reach if you post super frequently or super rarely (like 1 time a day).

Key takeaway should be that posting questions decreases the engagement, but posting link updates gives you a big update.

facebook buffer post

The summary of the experiment follows:

  1. Post at non-peak times – evenings work great
  2. Post 6x per day – no change
  3. Post 1x per day – no change
  4. Post questions – drop in engagement
  5. Change the style of the update – slight increase
  6. Post only link updates – big increase
  7. Post different images as links – original graphics do better than stock photos

The source for the provided insights follows:


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