How to select the right social network?

If you are selling fridges, or even own a restaurant, in many cases first thing that any consultant would recommend you is starting a Facebook page or Twitter account. But these options are not necessarily the best ones considering the options and target market.


For example, if you are an e-commerce site targeting women, you should try out Pinterest. If you target specific regions, such as Russia, try Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. These are local sites that have great social network market share in the region.

If you are a local restaurant, try being on Foursquare or getting reviews on TripAdvisor. If some clients offer you tips, you can just ask them to write the review about their experience at your restaurant.

If you want to boost website visitors, consider trying out StumbleUpon or Delicious.

If you are a consultant and want to build your expertise, start with a blog and write your experience and insights on LinkedIn.

There are many social networks. All have their pros and cons. The key point is that even same real humans expect different approach or different information on the social networks that they visit. Promoting a restaurant on a gamer social network is not the most insightful approach. Same is with Facebook or Twitter. There is a lot of content there and it is very diverse. Therefore, trying a different, more specialized social network might help your business more because the target audience will be willing to engage with your content and products, which in the end will bring you actual customers. Make sure to fit the unique customer needs.

If any of these social networks sound unfamiliar, let me know, and I will give you more insights on them.

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