5 Reasons why you might need AdWords

1. Reach your customers at the right time

I want to be found on the first page of Google. You want to be found on the first page of Google. This in many cases means that your potential customers will find you when they are looking for a a company like you, products that you are selling, services or deals.

But in many cases it is hard to achieve this position because there are too many companies like you, the keywords are very popular, or your competitors have a strong online presence.

With Google AdWords you don’t have to wait for SEO results, that are longterm. You can actually get the results today.

2. Reach Your Local Customer

With AdWords you can reach people that are in the right spot. For example, if you are a local business with no interest in advertising somewhere outside of your city, you can easily advertise either in your local city or use geo-targeting and simply target a specific location. An example for this could be a  coffee shop that targets nearby Starbucks locations with their geo-targeted ads.

With AdWords you can target countries around the world, specific areas, or exclude specific areas.

3. Show your message

With adWords you can have ad extensions. These extensions can have reviews, call-outs, phone number extensions, app downloads, landing page site links. All this additional information allows you grab customer attention and it makes it easier for your clients to find out more info about you and contact you.

Including ad extensions does not cost more. In general it increases the CTR (click-through-rate) and this reduces the ad click price.

4. Target, what you want

Keywords let you target people that are looking for specific items or solution. This is the key. The most important part of Adwords. In general it is what AdWords is built on. Keywords allow you target only the relevant people.

If you craft relevant ads and target relevant keywords or phrases, Google will give you a better quality score and will provide you with in general with cheaper site visitors.

This is a great opportunity to acquire customers that are looking for your products. All you need to know are the keywords that your user might use while looking for your products.

5. Retarget

You have seen the banners following you on the web. The great thing is that now it is possible also to use retargeting for search. The so called RLSA technology lets you purchase keywords only for the users who have visited your site previously. This is useful in such cases when you play in a highly competitive market, where you want to target broader keywords for the users that you already know and that know your brand.

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