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Google has just released a completely new product, which will be extremely useful for anyone, selling things. It shows the heat maps – where and when are the customers interested in your products. The sad part is that for now the product is in Beta and shows only the data from United States. Still, Shopping Insights breaks down search data by products, cities, and devices, and illustrates it in heat maps. It also shows data from cities targeted by AdWords, and categorizes searches by devices, which is helpful for fine-tuning online campaigns.
Google says that even though 87 percent of shoppers research products online, the majority – 92 percent – of purchases are still done at brick-and-mortar stores. For this previously Google has developed the concept of ROPO (Research Online, Purchase offline).
shopping with googleShopping Insights can help retailers plan what to stock in different locations by showing them which items are trending by city.

Shopping Insights works best when tracking major trends. The beta version currently includes data for the 5,000 most popular products on Google Shopping between April 2014 and September 2015 (these include gaming consoles, Birkenstock sandals, Disney Vans, and emoji joggers, which were endemic in New York City last year but mercifully have yet to invade the West Coast, at least according to Shopping Insights).

While that should cover most holiday shopping lists, it means Shopping Insights still isn’t particularly helpful for sellers of products that are considered relatively niche but still in demand, especially as gifts (like the limited edition sets many cosmetic companies put out for the holidays). Furthermore, while Shopping Insights can give businesses a sense of what their customers are interested in, it still can’t predict what they will actually buy. Retailers will have to continue relying on their own analysis and guesswork for that.

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