Singles Day – Largest Online Sales Ever

Sometimes we might wrongly presume that Black Friday or Cyber Monday are the days when people buy the most online. In fact, the sales of Black Friday or Cyber Monday fall back 2-3 times compared to Singles Day, celebrated in China.

Singles Day

Singles Day

In 2014 there were sales of 9 bln. USD on Singles Day. In comparison, Cyber Monday manages to generate only 2 bln. USD worth of sales.

singles day

What is even more interesting, first 1 bln. of sales were made in 8 minutes starting from the midnight, when the Singles Day lauched, 120.000 orders were placed each minute and most of the purchases went on the mobile phone. Final sales numbers became a yet another record, Alibaba stock price increased and Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) starred in commercial for Singles Day.

How far do You expect Europe is from joining the Singles Day celebration?

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