Key takeaways from first class of E-commerce

e-commerce lecture 1
1. Data is the new oil.
– Make sure to collect analytical data – find out which images, banners or hadlines perform. Find out which traffic sources, campaigns or placements perform. Estimate their conversion rate and then you will be able to calculate your ROI: Return on Investiment. In theory, as long as your ROI is positive, you don’t care what is your advertising spend. It can be even unlimited.
2. We live in multi-screen world.
– You and your customers use computers, laptops and spend time online / offline in various places. If some customers are reached at the sea and they convert better there, craft special campaign for that area and target this audience in that location. If you want full attention, you can take over ad slots in several sites and do synchronous advertising at the same time for TV-Desktop-Mobile.
3. The customer is always on.
-If you sell offline goods, you might benefit from running geotargeted campaigns for your custommers when they are near your store.
If you want to blast a message, you can use push notifications, video and mobile ads to draw your custommer’s attention.
4. Segment your audience.
– There are many advanced segmentation techniques in Facebook and you can utilize them all. Run a campaign for a particular segment – for example I took several countries from Africa and ran a demo campaign targeting only people with interest in Digital Marketing for 1 USD and I had around 4000 people reached + 60 people that came to my site to read the article.

facebook cpc

Think outside the box – if your product is digital, do you really care where the user lives?

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