3 Real Estate Marketing tips for Marketers

Real estate marketers have a tough job of selling real estate properties. There are so many different business categories: selling cars, selling real estate, selling luxury products, banking, e-commerce, insurance etc. Every single category tries to tackle the market from their perspective. Marketers know that in order to sell they need to nurture their customers. This process is extremely complicated for real estate marketers.  Currently, they focus mainly on lead generation to justify their expense. This article doesn’t approach the problem from a standard point of view, where we divide all communication into the stages of “building awareness”, “raising consideration” and “driving conversions”, but rather focuses on the missed opportunities by Real Estate advertisers so that they could shift the mindset from plain leads buildup to something that both explains the created added value and drives the expected sales.

Real Estate Marketing Tip 1

Instead of using a scattershot approach and running the general awareness campaigns in order to fill the retargeting buckets, estimate the client needs and build the initial segment based on audience profile

Retargeting has spoiled the advertisers. Sometimes when auditing or inspecting campaigns I find that some advertisers target every possible interest or topic and hope for a banner click. The approach is probably justifiable – “let’s target different users. As different users have different interests, so let’s show ads to people with various interests and follow-up with those, who click on the ads”. This approach might sound justified, but wrong. In a nutshell, it is a waste of advertiser’s money. It might reduce the CPC, but it also would bring accidental clicks to the site, which then would be retargeted for no reason. If you are targeting all the interests because You don’t know what are the interests of your customers, let me give you a hint – it is “real estate”. If the DSP does not provide such targeting capability, then there is a way to create one manually. DSPs can listen to traffic. The ad doesn’t have to be shown on a certain website (like buynewhome.com) in order for the DSP to know that a certain person has visited a website. Smart business rules can be used to create your manual audience (e.g. people, who have visited buynewhome.com at least 3 times in last 2 days). This audience can be your test-bunny. You can show the ads to the people, who are in the market for real estate and narrow down the initial audience list a few times. This would save you advertising cost and will help make the ads more relevant to the users who really are in a market for housing.

housing marketing


Real Estate Marketing Tip 2

Don’t focus too much on forcing people to fill the forms

When talking to agencies I notice one very traditional approach, which is used to pitch new campaigns to clients: there is so much aim for “cost per lead”campaigns. Agencies with clients build website forms, which their customers are expected to fill. The only problem is that nobody cares about filling these forms. If someone wants to get in touch with the salesperson, he or she will look-up on the website the contacts of the real estate company and get in touch. If You want a differentiator, create different phone number extensions or run click-to-call campaigns to capture the customer when he or she is willing to talk to You. Don’t focus on forms. By the time that the person has filled the form, he or she will have seen or visited another 2-3 competitor ads and might lose interest in your property. Be there when the customer is actively engaging with You. Don’t push him or her into the prebuilt funnel.

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Real Estate Marketing Tip 3

Try out Rich Media

Unless for some strange reason you will limit your reach to desktop only, most of the customers will spot your ad on mobile. This means two things: a) Your landing page has to be optimized for mobile or be even mobile-first; b) You can use rich media to allow your customers engage with the real estate property even before the landing page experience. If You have used Tip 1 to reduce the cost of driving relevant traffic to the website, You can invest into enabling your customers to engage with the property via Rich Media solutions. I frequently spot native static ads which follow 1 general guideline: present an image of the apartment, showcase the price and have a call-to-action. All good, but sometimes if You put a little bit more effort, You can achieve greater results. I suggest utilizing swipes, scratches, drags and other engagement options for this purpose. Customers can swipe between the different rooms right within the banner. I know, that this does not drive “leads” if You purely aim for website conversions, but as I noted in Tip 2, You should not focus too much on website conversions when selling real estate because then the whole user experience becomes just poor and boring funnel. There are other ways to acquire leads. Be more creative and You will see that your customers will appreciate it.

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